TechnoBase 8000

Technobase 8000

Universal Resins for Veterinary Medicine


Technobase is a modern claw treatment to immobilise injured or diseased claws! Furthermore it covers a wide range of possible uses in the field of veterinary medicine.

• fast processing: models immediately after mixing. This means that it immediately allows modelling by hand, which makes application a lot easier. Technobase 8000 cures completely at a product temperature of 20 °C in less than 4 minutes!

• highly adhesive: Technobase has excellent adhesive properties! Therefore you can be sure that the diseased claw will be perfectly spared until the wood block has worn off.

• models without becoming sticky: during the modelling phase Technobase processes perfectly without annoyingly sticking to the user\'s hands. The dough remains flexible and can be shaped and processed until polymerisation.

• low temperature at the end of polymerisation: the chemical reaction of mixing powder and liquid results in excessive heat. These high temperatures often damage the tissue and hurt the animal. Technobase has been improved in this regard too! Therefore extra-cutaneous splinting can be performed safely and without affecting the tissue.


Recommended by professional hoof carers!



Universal Resins for Veterinary Medicine

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